Thursday, August 12, 2010

If only the public vote counted in love and politics

Love.  It is the chapter of my life that I probably want to write about most and the least amount of people want to read about.  So I'll just say this, I thought the above title was a witty line that came up in conversation today but I'll keep away from this topic for as long as I can.

On to other things.  I should probably give you an introduction but I think a couple stories may help you figure out who I am better than my biased version. 

So I was my mother's problem toddler.  I was the youngest of four so it was my understanding that things are supposed to get better with practice.  Wrong.  I was the attention whore that cried, messed things up, and didn't take no for an answer.  Sure I had my cute and nice moments but I was more difficult than any of the other kids under the age of five.  Things were bad enough that my mother talked to some sort of baby psychologist or something.  Apparently telling me the word no was a bad idea so the reasoning behind things was supposed to be explained to me.  That I could concede to.  My mother was also told not to give into my tantrums.  If I was supposed to be sleeping in my room I wasn't supposed to be let out if I started to whine and screech.  As I pounded against the door, my mother would sit with her back to it and just wait for me to just stop.  To her dismay, I pounded on the door for about three hours as the story goes. 

I still don't take no for an answer.  Reasons are important.  Stubbornness and a long attention span still happen to be a strength of mine as well :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Born on the road

Life can take you by surprise sometimes.  A weird circumstance can push you to start the project you have been thinking about for a year or two, and subconsciously piecing together for a few years before that.  For me, a nine hour solo car ride with two breaks for gas and one break for "relief" was that push.  That was the last leg of my 2,000 road trip.  Okay maybe it was ten miles short but 1,990 is just as impressive.  I had tons of time to think while in the car alone.  And if you knew me, you would know I was would be dwelling on something. 

For this trip, the topics were as follows: a man, my furture, my past, and how to logically deal with each of the predicaments associated with each of these.  Of course, all of these things are connected.  I'm just not sure how connected they will be yet.  While the thoughts going through my head in the car are extremely important to me, the logical side of things isn't as intersting as the emotions involved.  But guess what, you don't get to hear about any of that just yet. (All zero of you actually reading my blog :p)

Here is the start to a journey where you can discover who I am, I can discover who I want to be, and a hope that we can help each other out along the way.